Chinese naval UAV (top-right) spotted by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force

Chinese naval UAV (top-right) spotted by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (Source: Japanese Ministry of Defense)

On June 23rd, 2011, the New Pacific Institute’s premier specialist blog, Japan Security Watch, broke the news of a Chinese shipborne unmanned aerial vehicle being put to use during an annual naval training exercise in the Philippine Sea to the English language blogosphere.

Following a tip-off from @JS_Susumu, a Japanese blogger at Surveillance To Go Nowhere – covering US-Japanese military movements, the team at Japan Security Watch translated Japanese news coverage of a Ministry of Defense press release detailing the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force’s confirmation of the aircraft.

The two posts generated at that time, Chinese UAV spotted by MSDF Aircraft [by James Simpson] and The PLAN’s Annual Miyakojima Run, 2011 [by Kyle Mizokami], have been exceedingly popular and have been covered in several major political and military blogs, namely: David Axe’s posts for Wired’s Danger Room, The Diplomat’s Flashpoints and cross-posts at War is Boring, and Stephen Trimble’s post at FlightGlobal’s The DEW Line.

As a result of the support of these individuals plus the blogosphere and forumites across the internet, the original post has become Japan Security Watch’s most popular post ever in less than a week. It is a significant development for a blog that is going from strength to strength in its coverage of the Japan security niche.

The team at Japan Security Watch and New Pacific Institute is extremely grateful to Susumu for his continuing support and advice.

You can an update on the coverage of the Chinese training exercise known as the Miyakojima Run in a new post over at Japan Security Watch: UAVs and Beyond: The Significance of This Year’s Miyakojima Run.

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A former contributor to World Intelligence (Japan Military Review), James Simpson joined Japan Security Watch in 2011, migrating with his blog Defending Japan. He has a Masters in Security Studies from Aberystwyth University and is currently living in Kawasaki, Japan. His primary interests include the so-called 'normalization' of Japanese security (i.e. militarization), and the political impact of the abduction issue with North Korea.
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